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Horse Retirement

Marshall Equestrian offers an exceptional equine retirement facility at the family ranch in Northern California. Katie's family's 100 acre ranch is set up to provide a comfortable environment for retired horses where each horse is loved and cared for in retirement while being allowed to be a horse.

The goal is to provide our retired horses with quality care in a beautiful country setting. Putting your horse out to pasture is just that--each horse shares large pasture areas of 15 to 30 acres, and is paired with other appropriate horses. Since horses are herd animals by nature, they find their security and comfort in a herd setting so we strive to maintain a retirement setting which allows horses to follow their natural instincts while living out their lives in comfort.

For many retired horses living in a herd is a new experience, and this may be may the first time they have been allowed to be horses. We make sure to make the transition as gradual as possible getting horses acquainted and making sure the horses in pasture together are well-matched. In this way, they have continuous companionship and the security of a group of other horses which is what they naturally crave. Our retired horses thrive in this natural setting with large enough pastures to allow complete freedom, but still small enough to permit daily care and protection if needed. The horses are fed and monitored daily. There are run -in sheds for protection from weather, and stalls are available for temporary use for any horses that may need to be separated from other horses from time-to-time for special circumstances or needs.

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